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Coulda been better, coulda been worse

Oy.  First weekend of Bristol = done and gone.  Coulda been better, coulda been a whole lot worse. Four strings broken in 5 sets *is* a little much, though.  Crowds were light, not unexpected in the heat/humidity, and there are some odd undercurrents that I can't explain.  Change in personel? the weather? Monster under the bed?  Dunno, and since we're off for other pastures the next two weekends I won't have any better ideas.  Might even be *because* we're already doing other stuff -- haven't fully gotten into the swing of things again, dunno.  It *was* really nice to see Faire friends again.  And singing with friends is *always* gold, particularly friends I don't see or work with often.  End of the day kinda bites, though.  And the chainsaw needs to die a couple decibels, but flechyr covered that amply.

I'm freaking out a little, just because.  We're changing floors at work, moving floors from 4 to 12.  Coulda been better, coulda been a whole lot worse (detecting the theme yet? *grin*).  Being able to take the stairs up and down was golden, especially as everyone here seems to have the need to take elevators for one floor jaunts (It's not that wide a building, and there are two very accessible staircases. Lazy -asses.)  Leaving will take longer, but we'll get the elevators before everyone else does - tossup.  I get a bigger cube, though (I guess that's good) and while it's awfully close to the high mucky-mucks, it turns out to be further away than I was originally told - I'd thought I was *right outside the Director and VP's Doors*, but now it turns out I'm a row away, and well out of regular traffic patterns.  No window, :(  although I'm actually pretty close to one so it'll be nice and bright.  Also a mixed-blessing plus: the new manager of our building has decided to rip out the park (augh!!) and build a 40-story (I think, might be less) mixed-use highrise, as had been the original plan for this city block umpty-mumble years ago - 15? Somethign like that.  My current cube is right over the park.  Our new section is on the completely other side of the building.  At least I won't have to watch/listen to them destroying my greenery, the bastages.  A potentially serious downside to the new digs: I'm kitty-corner through cube walls to a woman who wears a metric ton of perfume *all the time*.  Depending on office air flow, I may have to give up on breathing.  If you don't hear from me again, it's probably because I've asphyxiated at my desk.  Check with flechyr, just in case ::rolls eyes::.  It's too bad I actually like the woman, or this would be a lot easier in a way ::sigh:: Oh well, I'll figure somethign out, I'm sure.  Pricing a small wall-mount fan is high on my to-do list for next week.  

This weekend is ISMAC, one of two (for me) major western martial arts conferences.  I am probably 2 years behind where I should be in terms of preparedness, because I have done jack-all this year on the rapier front.  While I do feel guilty, I don't feel particularly motivated to correct the situation by said guilt, so my plan is to take notes, take in all the information I can, and try not to let the guilt become the focus of my attentions.  I may actually piss off a one or two of the instructors, as I've given past indications of being a lot more dedicated than I've become.  Hopefully they won't take it too personally.  If I'm lucky, this'll give me the kick in the pants I need to get back into workign things on my sword skills.  I don't mind being a dilletante, I just seem to have taken it to the wrong extreme.  I either need to stop stressing, or stop stalling.  We'll have to see how I feel later on.

Eh. And so it goes :)

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