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Wait, what? She's posting, and it's not a meme?

So apparently I pulled off one of the best tricks in the book yesterday.  I"m pulling halfdays on Thursdays to use up some summer 'bonus'  time, and I hustle off through the sunny city afternoon to catch my 1:00 train out to suburbia.  It's nasty humid and hot as heck with all the sunshine, but I walk the mile+ from station to home fairly pleased, although I wish for a mild breeze to cut the humidity.  Dink around the house a bit, hop in the shower - it's, like, 3ish and the sun is shining.  I take my shower, turn off the water, hop out -- and wonder why I'm still hearing falling water.  Huh.  You may now proceed to remember or read about nasty storms that steamrolled through the Chicagoland area.  Lightning strikes, emergency vehicles, and dead traffic lights abounding, but I think we'd lost most of our trees the preceding nasty weather days.  Plans are ruined, internet connection dies (oh the horror!!) but survival is easy.  Then I get into work today, to find I apparently missed the wonders of flying furniture.  See, they're making these plastic chairs that seem weak and flimsy, but when hurled off the balcony of the neighboring condo by sudden wind gusts they can take out *the plate glass ceiling of your building*!!  Well, how 'bout that? says I.  And I missed it all.  I think I'm supposed to start crying here...

At no point should this be construed as a complaint, by the by.  My only hope is that my weather-luck maintains through this weekend.  I'd like at least a passably decent weekend at Bristol to close my season, and the Faire/ people therein really deserve a break, considering the cranky weather season we've had.  I'm selfish like that, wanting my friends to have a good time.  And then it's MKAoD and the end of August and when did I lose half a year *AGAIN*?!?!?!  Meh!


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