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Aw man! You got Civil Rights all over my shoes...

Just...Oy! It's becoming a double-capital Monday. My building has been locked down because - get this - a large group of protesters thinks the AMA can do squat-all about helping the elderly and handicapped stay independant. We're busy just trying to get people health care at all, let alone this bunch. Apparently the whole building is cordoned off by a roving band of scooters. Sounds like a bad Seinfeld episode, I swear! Good thing I pack lunch; the cafeteria (good thing we have one!) is swamped, and there's even people supposedly stuck outside the building -- they went out for coffee before the protesters showed up, and now they can't get back in! If they don't have keys and stuff with them, they're hosed!!

I respect your right to protest, I really do. But when you're campaigning for the creation of community groups to help people live in their own homes, all I can think is that you should get off my lawn and *go do it yourself*!!! Aren't you the community? Less talk, more do!! 'Course, I can say that, not being one of the directly impacted. Meh...

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