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Furniture (boring warning!)

Houston, we have couch! Prepare for foodstains in 5... 4... 3... 2... ...

I still dislike aspects of it - it's got massively squishy back cushions with very little form to them, it's far too deep (for me), and it suffers from modern factory construction (it doesn't *quite* fit together right)- but it's a pretty color, Flechyr likes it, and it doesn't eat up as much living room space as I feared. It is also the Couch of Opposites - where Flechyr always slouched on the old blue foldout, I can't help but slouch on this new thing if I don't want to sit tailor-style. That's how deep it is, if I try to sit back in it I look like a 5 year old on Grandma's chairs, with my little legs sticking out into mid-air and no hope of findign the floor. On the plus (?) side, I can turn sideways with my back to the arm and not kick Flech off the other side, and that *is* a comfy position for me most of the time, so I'll manage. The rest of it is just dealing until I can find the compromise that'll make it all work. And the foldout bed is dang comfy, so... Whoo!!

In a couple weeks it'll have a pretty little coffee table to keep it company. Heaven forfend, *Grownup Furniture*!! Whatever shall we do, wherever shall we go... :D I think the bookshelves are on the hit list next - sagging bookshelves and cardboard backs falling off. I sense IKEA in our future for those. And tonight - tonight I finish the Great Toilet Massacre. Trash guys are gonna cuss me out tomorrow. Upstairs neighbor may cuss me out tonight, come to that. Oh well. ::shrug::
Tags: household maintenance

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