Jesslin She'Nedra (jesslin) wrote,
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craft fair at worK today. on O M G! Someone just bought my blue Shetland stole! It wasn't craft- fair cheap. and it still has a new home. Sweet ! !

Addendum: I actually posted this through the client on my PDA *from* the craft fair, so I was a little distracted. The blue Shetland is (was) a knitted lace shawl, one of the first true Shetland Isles patterns I've attempted, and it was a *heck* of an experience. Thing is, I really don't *wear* the things, I just love making them. So having sold one for $60 - less than it's worth, more than I'd hoped - I can now make another one and not feel guilty at all, plus afford more yarn/string and have the space for more fun stuff! Yay!!

And before anyone asks, no, I don't think I have a picture. I need to find time to update my reality-checkmate site, though, and so I'll hopefully stumble on a forgotten one somewhere. Or just make another...
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