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So there's a Halloween Party at work today. Yeah, yeah, days late, but I suspect this is when the conference room was available. Anyway. A lot Of people aren't in costume, but a good bunch are. And a couple people poked at me for not dressing up - been busy, didn't feel like it, you name it, but now I'm feeling a little guilty. Thinking, maybe I'll make a bunch of origami cats and stick them on, be the crazy cat lady.. . And then it hits me. The ultimate ''I don't have a costume" that only the truly odd will get. I've done it before but never here- and I know the lack of British Sci-fi fans will mean no one gets it (Rowan! I need you !) But a little double- stick tape, the shiny inside of a Candy wrapper, and a good pair of scissors is all I need ... It's a ''H'' of a costume :) Cheap, too, and really conveys just how much I care... (on the other hand, I made spiffy-ass Cookies for this gig. I think I'm good.)

Today is also the last day for my coffee buddy. He's moving on to greener pastures, and while I'm really sorry he's leaving I'm glad for his sake - he really hasn't been happy here for a while, and this is a sucky job it you don't get anything out of it. We've been getting together mornings for 9 years, though, and this will definitely take some adjusting to. There's a gathering at the local bar after work to see him off, and I'm going for a change. Poor Rowan's going to be subjected to twice the brainless griping now, I'm afraid - spare a pitying thought ;D

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