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Random bits

today's breakfast - Starb*'s mint mocha and a handful of nori rice crackers. the crackers were surprisingly tastier in the morning than as an afternoon snack.

Excel does some amazing things, but it can't do a year to year comparitive stacked bar. Fun (not!) with pictures pasted over a second chart. How many times can I say 'Lame!' in one day?

My top wisdom teeth have fully grown in. The bottom ones still have not. Teething at the fine age of 35 is stupid. Hopefully the occasional growing pains will stop now, though.

BBC's 'Jekyll' is amazingly cool. James Nesbitt is phenomenal, playing scared scientist Jeckyll and childish, malevolent Hyde both very well and clearly. The writers have given some brilliant and gruesome scenes, getting you to root for the beastly Hyde as the good guy, compared to the nasty pieces of work that are pursuing him/them. I still have to watch the first season finale. I'm so very looking forward to it.

My coffee buddy's back. TANSTAFL, or if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Thank goodness for pokey HR departments and a boss that really would rather have you back than train a new guy. And why you better be *really* sure the bridge is rotten before you burn it. No burning happened here. I'm exceptionally glad he's back.

My coffee's gone. I should get back to work.

Addendum: all that work, and I don't need the Excel chart after all. Stupid directors... *sigh*
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