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Jesslin She'Nedra

My week in review. 2 weeks, really.

Week plus of vacation over, and very little to show for it.  I did finally start Shadow Hearts, though, and I still have a crush on the lead character.  Just my stupid fixation on flawed heroes.  I also - finally - got the last 'quest' in We Love Katamari.  Whether or not I'll ever finish is a different issue, as it's little more than an endurance test.  Collect a million roses, my arse...  I see some random tests with rubber bands in the near future.

New computer at work.  Smaller, shinier, but the keyboard is lighter, cheaper feeling, and actually takes slightly more space than the previous, so now I have even *less* space to squeeze my mouse into.  Finageling shall happen.  On the plus, the ruddy pop-up loader that snuck into my registry seems to be gone (knocks on wood-like desk) and there's USB ports right on the front  of the box that will hopefully recognize my SD card reader - the old comp didn't like it after a while, for some reason, and I had to crawl under the desk to use it before that.  And the swap was fast, since they'd apparently imaged all my programs *before* trading the boxes.  Cross my fingers. 

I got a little costume work done, although not nearly so much as I should have, and none on projects for other people.  I even remembered to take pictures, so maybe later this week I'll work on posting them somewhere.  Just so I have tangible proof that I did *something* besides goof off.  Saw Golden Compass w/ rowandoll . 
Maybe it's because I *am* a lapsed Catholic, but I never got the same sense of anti Catholicism that the church seems determined to find.  It's anti *every* religion, if one wants to be honest, and really it's just against blind stupidity disguised as faith in any system, religious or political. The movie actually came across to me as a diatribe against communism and Naziism, truth be told.  Well, and against parents that aren't Gypsies, but perhaps I'm reading a bit into it there.  Either way, I have the same opinion on the religious crankiness over this movie/book as I do on the whole DaVinci Code brewhaha -- methinks they do protest too much.  If you want to complain about a story that teaches children to question, to think about rights and freedom and to seek knowledge when something doesn't seem right, if you only want blind followers that will do as they're told because you say it's good for them, then I don't think we'll have much to discuss here. Ultimately, it's just a pretty fantasy story of a child going against the odds and succeeding with the help of some really interesting and fantastical people. Sounds like a lot of childrens stories, to me.  As usuall, though, the book is better.  Props to most of the major character actors, though, for nailing their parts. Mrs Coulter is *CREEPY*!!!!!  If you're a fan of the most recent James Bond, don't be surprised if a certain scene with Craig makes you hear JB theme music.  It amused me muchly.

flechyr got me the fourth set of Voltron.  It has the return of Sven, and seems to be roughly where the Americain producers ran out of the original Japanese footage and had to start writing there own stuff.  I'm waiting to see if *this* is where I actually gained appreciation for the show, or if it's all just a goofy nostalgia trip.  Not worried either way, it's a fun ride.  

Time to go see what programs they lost on me.  Fun... 

Addendum: All of them.  *sigh*  Shoulda known...  Thankfully I got most of them back first thing, but there's still settings I'm missing on a couple that I can't *quite* remember, and I don't think I'll care until my boss/ department PC coordinator gets in Wednesday.  I got all the crucial stuff done before they swapped machines, and the rest can wait til next week.  I've enough to keep busy.
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