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Stupid time wasting...

 Okay, this is really meaningless to anyone but me, but...

You know those pictures that are a meaningless jumble, but if you look at them *just right* you can see a 3D picture?  Magic Eye pictures, I think they're called, something like that.  The trick, I've always been told, is to let your eyes unfocus and eventually they'll 'tune in' to a bit of jumble they can decipher as an actual image, which will then miraculously pull the whole thing into focus.  Or something.  Never worked for me, ever, no matter how close or far or unfocused I got (and I can get darn unfocused, let me tell you :D)

Well, . I don't know why, but I had this insatiable urge to try one more time.  C'mon, it's NASA pics, I love this place!  But nothing.  Nothing.  Ooh pretty jumbly colors. Whee :/  ...And suddenly, it clicks - when I just 'unfocus' my eyes, they start to cross i.e. my actual focal point moves into the space between me and any visible object - I think it's about the end of my nose, actually.  Known  this for years, generally irrellevant information.  What, thinks I, if deliberately 'unfocus' by trying to focus on a point *behind* the visible object? Look right through it like it's not...

Flipping A', it's a teapot!!
Tags: imagination, random thoughts

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