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Yoga's funny. When I have a bad workout (not into it, did something wrong and pulled a muscle, bad attitude) it's the most awful thing. But even a mildly good workout is absolutely fantastic in the end. And sometimes, like today...

Don't know what happened exactly. I wasn't accomplishing anythign stellar - I'm lacking a lot of flexibility in my hamstrings and upper legs. But class flew by time-wise. And during the relaxation -- well, our instructor is a bit of a hands-on guy, which is actually quite nice. A little tug on the legs, a press on the shoulders, and the body realigns slightly. 'S a good thing. Today included a little scalp massage (only three of us in class, so he had more time - he's done it before) Suddenly, my brain's floating in this wierd place that's all good, kind of surfing around in my skull. It was the strangest, most pleasant experience! Very strange, and if I think about it I can still feel a little a little wierd energy at the base of my skull even now. Hee! I am stiffening up a bit though. It's one of the not-so-good things of having a desk job after working out. I'll have to take a walk around the floor later.

2 days!!
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