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Ow, my fingers!

On a whim I took took today off to finish some projects for this weekend.  I'm taking a quick break to asuage my feeling that this is all for stupid.  I also have this insane need to go back and find out if the women of Tudor era England really had sticks for arms, or else to go forth and slay all their portrait artists for presenting these Barbie-esque images that are driving me *nuts*!!.  On the plus side, my modern American arms finally fit in the sleeves.  I still need to hem, but really only because I have fuzzy selvedge edge down there right now. 

Please pay no mind to the toilet or the dangling camera.  I didn't want to take time to set up the tripod, and this whole picture thing is an experiment anyway, so -- whatever.  I think if you click on the pics you'll get something easier to see.  I'm not thrilled about the green undersleeves against the red/gold lining, and I see swapping them out for something different later.  Needless to say, the whole thing needs decoration still, and I'm desperately pondering headgear, but... It's wearable.  I'm still not convinced that this is actually how the Tudors did things, but it's  not like *I* did any real research, so I'm going with the people who have done the looking.  

Did I mention I hand sewed the whole thing?  Including the eyelets on kirtle and gown?  I think I have permanent divots in my fingers...

I have to finish an aglet and make sure I actually have all the parts to my performing outfit (the Tudor's supposedly for the ball Saturday night.  We'll see; it ain't light, for all it's mostly cotton).  I still don't know what to do to the 1750's gear that will make it look good, but hopefully I'll distract everyone form the boring clothes by singing really *really* well.  I could live with that :)

Back to work, since I have to go contribute to the Democratic process soon.  Sorry for any lack of sense this makes - I'm really not in language-space right now.
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