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This  weekend was both stressful and the end of stress all in one.  The Dress o' Doom (TM) got done enough to wear - still needs decoration and a headdress to be truly done, but fabric choice negated the 'gotta do it NOW!' factor - and was debuted at the Reenactor Fest IV Saturday ball.  I'm hoping pictures appear from someone, as I was not exactly in a position to get my own (lack of camera being only one issue).  I believe queenserenity42got a good one in the hotel bathroom, so the toiletry theme should be maintained ;D  Massive kudos to her as well for lending me her French hood, as I got at least as many compliments on it as I did on the dress itself.  Aside from caloric crises, the weekend was darn fun and may have netted us future historic endeavor gigs which I am *all* for.  And I can now inhale, exhale, and buckle down to the more usual stress of making utilitarian Ren clothes for flechyr, trying to figure out how to make *him* a more real suit of clothes, finishing up the half-dozen existing projects, knitting my socks, knitting a new pair of glove/mittens, and working on the Plimith Plantation sample kits I got (lace and embroideriy, see http://www.plimoth.org/embroidery-blog/ for reference).  Plus music, plus sword work, plus....  Yep, back to normal ::rolls eyes!::  Oy!


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Feb. 11th, 2008 10:16 pm (UTC)
Part of me wanted to see the ball, the other part allowed me to be 'kidnapped' for dinner. And after dinner, I was too tired to stick around.

Sorry I missed you guys on Sunday. I was just wiped.

Will be trying my new rolling pin out tonight or tomorrow. :D
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