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*sigh* flechyr, bless his little heart, discovered Facebook. He proceeded to harass me until-- okay he made me curious enough to go take a look.  I've found a couple friends from here, been found by a bunch others. If you want to find me there, by all means feel free; it's under my real name. No, not *that* name, my *REAL* real name, the one my boss at work uses (when it isn't "hey you").  Don't know it?  Email and ask.  I'm being sketchy only because I use LJ for very different purposes than I anticipate using Facebook, and I'm still sorting things out.  I don't expect to use Fbook for much of anything, really, except a possible contact point to people I've lost track of who couldn't possibly find me on LJ.  Fbook doesn't currently answer any particular need of mine.  We'll see. 

PS Not intended in any way as a Fool's prank. Didn't even notice the date.  I'm so outta touch... :)

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