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Ah yes, Day 2. The muscles complain the day after, but the bruises don't really bloom 'til the day after that. Joy. To think I left stage combat for this... I like it much better when the script says *I* get to win, thankyouverymuch. But I was finally reminded that vitamin C would help the healling. When I was practicing ju jitsu, I got in the habit of having a bottle of fruit juice after every practice (it was college, you think I was eating healthy any other time?). Now I remember why. Time to dig out the supplements. I think I'll take a look into some other botanical-type stuff. My personal jury is still out on whether arnica helps at all, the echinacea/goldenseal was designed for sore muscles, although the goldenseal did a job on my nasal cavity too (in a good way, actually). Note to self: next time I have a stuffy nose-type cold, a little salve on the arm I sleep on should do wonders. I knew goldenseal was one of the natural wonder-plants (one of the reasons it's overharvested, and therefore comparitively rare and expensive), but I'd missed a couple key applications for nasal and respiratory issues. Stumbled on calendula while looking for other information, so more research is needed there.

It's not that I bruise easily - I'm relatively thick skinned. But with pale-a$$ skin like mine, they just show very easily, and I'd kinda like to keep that to a minimum. This will *also* be a reminder to PACK THE PROPER PROTECTIVE CLOTHING!!! Idiot... Well, and learn to actually block the other guy's sword, but let's face it, that takes *work* ;D

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