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Post of Lameness

This post is lame, for it contains things that I want to get around to writing mroe about, but will not *actually* address those things. We will talk about talking, we will talk, and then we will talk about what we just talked about... Gyuh!

Stargate: Atlantis has been determined a Good Thing by me, because it inspires people to write interesting fanfics that don't even involve... ehm, 'very close interpersonal relationships'. Well, some do, but the VCIR is just additional to an already interesting tale. And hasn't been crassly explicit, thank all the mighty... Anyway. The fact that the show writers seem as interested in abusing their characters physicially and mentally just as much as any fanfic writers I've ever met, helps. It's that whole angsty, twisted, dingy-white hat good guy thing that I always seem to go for. I hear it gets better, or at least dingier - chaotic good at its finest.

Los Desaparecidos - As mentioned in response to another friend's post, this is rated 'Would totally see again' on a scale of 'Going back tomorrow' to 'Give me my time back'. Roughly 4.2 out of 5. At some point the snark-beast will discuss the few points that didn't totally grab me, but the sheer fact I can pick out a couple specific instances means that overall it is a totally awesome thing. It's very easy to armchair playwrite, so What do I know? ;D Seriously - good story, well told, not necessarily comfortable to think about (the mark of good story, says I), and some seriously inspired moments. And some of it is just plain Good Fun. In Chicago, at the Raven Theatre. See it!

I think there was more, but I'm in the middle of a SG:A story while trying to formulate polite responses to physicians as to why they can't have a cake and eat it too (which is to say, they could, but it gets nasty pretty quickly if you follow the analogy to its logical conclusions). Jesslin go worky now :)

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