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This has been a surprisingly crappy day. Not in any concrete sense, just a lot of feeling down, out of it, stressed for no real reason. And I know it's not just me, or I'd think it was aftershocks of last night's gaming session, or of reading angsty fan fic. Well, I know that's not helping in my specific case; past history has shown, my brain is a sponge for the stuff I read. It really affects my mood, alters my personality at times. Nothing major, nothing permanent , and certainly nothing that makes me act out of character for the 'real me'. Little mannerisms, turns of speech, things like that, the same stuff that gets affected when I spend a lot of time with a particular person or people, or a new culture. Amazing chameleon powers, Activate! *snrk* But it definitely means that, when I'm already feelign unstable ( I truly think it's the weather, at least partially), I *really* need to be more careful about the influences I can control. Really sucks, ya know?

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