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latenight whatever

 Right. No late night al-co-ma-hol for me.  It apparently sets the brain into recursive loops that do nothing for piece of mind and make sleep impossible until it happens, more like a hard reboot than a proper shut-down.  Me no likey.  Mind you, the issues racing through my head were all legit, to one level or another, but midnight-thirty, in bed, and rather maudlin'-tipsy is no time to be trying to solve *anything* in any meaningful manner.  All problem, no solution, and my previous encounters with tipsy, late-night and problems have involved random Confuciunesque (Hey! Shakespeare is dead, he doesn't get to corner the new word market) advice that -- well, it seemed reasonable to all parties at the time, at least in the short term.  No idea on implementation, come to think, as receiving party was generally as off as I was (they'd have to be, to listen to my advice) and might well have forgotten everythign by the time it mattered. Eh, neither here nor there.  Either way, I was awake long enough for thoughts to be had, solutions passed on to other people, and to clear the cache and start recovering before casting my mind into the tender mercies of darkness and oblivion.  Apparently there are important differences here.

Resolved(?) last night and summarized by light of day - be a dishrag, a chameleon, but find a couple areas to be firm on.  Let people decide you're an ass with opinions and not just set decoration.  There are definitely areas where 'what's in it for me?' may be the correct answer.  Also, things that matter must be statements, not questions or sort-ofs, or what-do-you-thinks.  And Bristol (and certain actors associated thereto) needs to get the smeg out of my coping dreams. That was just *wierd*!!!  

Tags: angst

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