Jesslin She'Nedra (jesslin) wrote,
Jesslin She'Nedra

weekend plans

Whoof - This ought to be a fun one. I'm'a gonna go hang out for a bit before scampering off to Gallowglass Academy, by way of Crystal Lake and the Flechyr Express.  This weekend is a 2 day intensive with Brad Waller, an absolute guru of things western and martial arty.  The man is amazing, he's not a small man in any sense and not in the best of health, but he bounces and glides across the mats with such absolute joy in what he's teaching, you almost don't notice when you're head is bouncing off the floor.  "You see, it's just a little pressure *here* and - say hello to Mr Mat. Hello, Mr Mat!"  On the other hand, he's planning two 9-10 hour days, which is fine, but if no one hears from us by  Tuesday, send someone to mop us off the floor...   I fully admit, I'm a dilletante at this combat stuff and probably not in the right shape to keep up (well, potato is a shape...).  Won't stop me from trying :)  There's also the fact that, unfortunately he may not be around much longer *knock wood, hope I'm wrong* so getting to work with him now is important.  It's going to be an interesting mixed bag of stage and WMA combatants, so I'm totally lookign forward to this.

Well, and to visiting good friends.  Always a plus.  I'm rambling.  Go now :D
Tags: wma

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