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So after much swearing, guessing, double-guessing, faking, ripping and knitting, I have two sets of warm hand gear for next winter.

The gloves were the real pain.  The yarns I got for them, the black is a smaller gauge than the color, regardless of the fact they have the same specs and are from the same company.  Also, a smaller gauge overall than the pattern called for, so they came out small, smaller even than I anticipated.  I made some customizing changes and they're decent now, if a little tight.  I'm hoping some blocking will help even out the gauge differences in both mittens and gloves.  I'd made a second pair of gloves from the same pattern, but I used a different method of twining the two yarns that made them come out even *smaller*, so those got scrapped and the yarn recycled into the mittens instead.

The mittens are based off the glove pattern for the cuff and basic stitch count, but I was really just making it up as I went.  The patterns are selected from some historic Islamic patterns printed in the Tournaments Illuminated issue 165.  The author of that article happens to be on my Historic_knit list too (yay!) so the patterns are there too.  

I just wanted to make some cool handwear in a faux Fair Isle style.  These aren't *exactly* what I had in mind, but I'm totally digging them.  If blocking doesn't solve the size issues, these may end up in the Warm Hands/Warm Hearts bin at work in November, on the theory that some elderly person will have smaller hands than me.  Why, yes I would just give away these cool knits to random strangers.  Since making them is 99% of the fun, I'd just have a reason to make more stuff!  ANd they really don't take all that long to make; the span of time was probably a month each, but the actual working time was closer to 10-20 hours a pair, max.  Once you get the rhythm, this stuff goes fairly quickly.

And now, on to the next project!

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