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weekend in review

Heaven help me, I'm writing Torchwood fanfic... o.O  

Gig on Saturday was very fun, a comparitively relaxing way to shake off the winter cobwebs and get into the performing 'season'.  There were flubs but no catastrophies, and the likely chance to do it again next year.  Also, got to see rennie friends in completely different dress and circumstances - you can take the girl out of Bristol, and apparently she'll make a damn fine USO girl.  Whoo!

And then there was the new Indiana Jones movie.  

It was horribly disappointing.  The rekindled romance between Indy and Marian didn't bother me nearly as much as I feared, right down to the ending.  It had just about the right amount of abandonment issue mixed with mature acceptance.  The kid (Mutt), for the most part, was also just fine - a couple stereotypes used fairly well for semi-comedic and character-driving reasons, and not overbearingly intrusive - he could have beena  bratty punk under the circumstances, but they didn't abuse that angle, and I appreciated it.  

*sigh* And that was it.  There were a couple moments of coolness, some elements classic to good adventure movies (and this franchise in particular), but they were muddled, under-utilized, over-played, sometimes completely random - literally, there was the thinnest of threads binding a couple plot elements together, all for the sake of some "cool idea" they couldn't shoehorn in any other way. Ended up cheapening the whole thing.  Several places where I just blinked, said "W-T-F?!" and tried to ignore what was going on until they got to somethign that made any sort of logical sense (I mean, Come ON!! There just *had* to be a better way to get a snake into the story!)  And there just might as well not have been any 'bad guys' at all. Perhaps if they had ever given me reason to fear the bad guys gettign hold of the Maguffin, I might have cared - but really, I ended up thinking that this was just a good way for Indy to go on a neat little archeological excursion, and it never bothered me as to who might end up with the ancient powers.  There was a point that was close, when Irina ( I think that was her name) details how the power will let Them tell Us how to think, when to fight, etc.  And as much as I bought her telling Indy this in the moment, I didn't buy the overall - it wasn't the acting, it was the overall scene direction ( I think).  Maybe I just don't find the Soviet Communists all that scary - I never did as a kid, either - but this movie didn't sell me at all.  And it's really a shame, because I *really* wanted to like this movie.  As high a tolerance as I have for questionable movie practices, I find that I cannot recommend this movie at all.

Jesslin rating: should have watched someone else's DVD copy :(

4 episodes of Torchwood season 2 (it's no wonder I was dreaming/ficcing about it, really) and the weekend balance falls positive.  Now I just have to coordinate info and transit for a demo tomorrow, finish 7 critical sewing projects in the next 2 months, and try not to lose what's left of my marbles.  Go me! \o/
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