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Actually, it was funny. First thing when we got home, I say before we do anythign else I get a nice X-O (cuz I know it's the last bit of civil I'm gonna get as we pack). And nice as you please he not only snuggles right on up, but *he* says (read: admits) that from that point on nothing he says should be taken at all personally because he knows packing will make him turn evil. So right then I put away the vodka and blender cuz it's all good.

Most of it was, too, until he realized he hadn't pulled clothing. Silly man, even I knew to do that ahead of time, and I make entropy look active. Took me 1/2 hour to pull extraneous crap, recount, and drop it all in a bucket while he was diggingdiggingdigging. An hour and a half later we finally settled his stuff, way later than he wanted, and then spent forever trying to get it all shoved, pushed, tweaked, and lashed to the roof of the car. Still surprised he fit out of the garage this morn; he says it's like piloting a pregnant whale. 10 hours to PA. Pro'lly 12 with the crap on the roof. Ugh. Once we're there it'll be okay. I better make notes on how it all packed in so maybe it won't hurt so much to get home. Besides, I didn't pack the vodka ;)

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