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 And so it begins - 3.5 hours til Bristol gates open and three weeks of Second Home.  I hope.

The dream of the morning - disturbingly coherent, and mostly written down for my own amusement.  Unfortunately this was typed quickly and with the strangely unhelpful writing recognition program on my PDA and has not yet been spellchecked.  Sorry; deal.  (edit: now checked, and a work in progress, as more stuff came to me as I snoozed on the train)

A young Scottish lord's son and his father's older, most trusted soldier (you know the type) returning from a conference with the other armies.  The Persian Prince has turned from fiend to foe, and it will be war.  Morgan Freeman as th erequired standard English speaking Arab makes me think my brain had started a more modern flick.  On the way home the young lord is taken aside by a mysterious ageless young woman, shorter than most, with dark red curly hair, and is given a sword.  Plain, old, not for him.  They continue home.  

In the town where Father keeps land and men, there is a tinker's wagon. A woman (Jenet?), her three children, and a young stranger (Jaime).  He is given a choice - plow fields or join the army, as men are too valuable to sit idle.  We find out that Jaime is a Bard; semi-joking, he declares he will fight, but only if he can wield the sword Arthurial. From beyond, we see the ageless girl tell the young lord to give. Jaime the aged sword, which he does. Neither boy recognizes it as anything special. Except that the blade is good quality blade. While it may not be 300 years old, Jaime allows as how it will do for now. There is a scene with the children, who are glad Jaime doesn't have to leave and take his toys or blanket away (?!)

Our young lord suddenly realizes he has neither checked in with his father nor shown him the sword. His father, gruff but not unkind (Sean Connery of course), doesn't want to talk, but allows how he'll look at the sword. He declares it a good quality fake and moves on. Jaime finds he doesn't care, and the lads wander off, talking, sword still cloth wrapped in Mal's hand.

A Persian spy in camp attempts to kidnap the tinker woman. She manages to call Mal's name {the young lord, Malcolm) before he claps a hand over her mouth and drags her off. We see Mal frozen, while Jaime leaps after them. Jenet is not a helpless woman either and with Jaime's assistance breaks free as the would-be kidnapper rusn off.  There is an implication that Malcolm's reaction is driven by either a magic man working against him or an attack on an -- ally, who must draw on his strength and knowledge to repell her own attackers.  I dont' know which yet.  His inability to act, and knowing himself what caused it, Mal retreats to his tent.  Jaime pursues after a while, ignoring Mal when his shaky voice asks to be left alone.

Jaime has at least a touch of second sight like most Bards, and asks if this caused the problem. He discovers that Mal instead has been fairy kissed - there is a lip-shaped print on his temple, usually covered deliberately by his hair . As Mal sulks in his bed Jamie tries to guess -- redcaps tend to kill first and kiss never, the Underhill Courtiers tend to take their toys with them, etc -- deciding eventually it's some tree spirt. Mal confesses as a toddler he wandered in the forest, was found and succorred by a woman whose face he cannot recall, and sent home with a kiss. It is a secret, strange and shameful to him, and Mal begs Jaimie to keep it. Jaime agrees, and passes some time telling humerous tales to calm the young man.  As Mal drops off to sleep he remembers and hands the sword up to Jaime. As their hands touch, Jaimie's Sight flares up. A woman's voice, eerily mimicked by the nearly asleep Mal, allows Jaimie to take the sword only it he will pledge to watch over her child, for he now holds Mal's heart in his hand. If he cannot make this pledge... Jaime accepts, realizing as he comes out ol his trance that both he and the still sleeping Mal have cut themselves on the blade, their blood mingling as the oath was made.

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