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Artists with political views? Say it ain't so!

I am not, I repeat not trying to push political views on anyone. You vote for who you believe in, I'll vote for who I believe in, and we'll see how it plays out. (Besides, I have a sneaking suspician most of my friends are of like political mind, but that's just me ;D ) But I have a distinct fondness for Alex Ross and his art, and I know several of my friends do as well, so I share with you this site: Alex Ross hero art t-shirts, and specifically which amuses me all to heck. Probably won't win any converts in the conservative crowd, but then I don't think that's the target audience for these...

Compare it to the Superman t' of similar pose. I like the very distinct difference in head position and where they're each looking. I'm not an art fan, and I hate reading things into visual images, but this one's pretty clear, I think. I don't want one, but I'm strangely glad it exists.

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