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Due to internet wonkiness this morning, there are no pictures yet, but I finally have a duct tape double! Thanks to flechyr and queenserenity42 (a lot!), three rolls of crappy duct tape and a huge pile of fabric scrap, I have a not-so-mini me that I can hopefully fit costume bits on. This will save hours of me trying to reach the middle of my back, or trying to figure out what's off only to cause more problems because I'm craning my neck over my shoulder.  Is it perfect? Nah, but it'll be a lot better starting point for all the fitted stuff I do.  Who knows?  I might even be able to finally craft a dress where I can actually *gasp* CROSS MY ARMS IN FRONT!  ::eyeroll::  Not holding my breath on that last, actually... :D But I already have the first two projects in mind: a jacket that I *have* to get done for our 18th century stuff that has been giving me fits (imagine that, I'm bigger in the torso than an actual 17th c woman...) and a fitted English gown circa late? 16th c. 

Actually, what this will really do? Give me a first shot at getting the torso *length* correct on all my stuff.  Being short-waisted is probably the #1 cause of fitting frustration for me.  Now that I can actually *see* where things fit, gap or wrinkle all at once... Oh yeah, baby!  Watch out, I may actually get new clothes for a change :D
Tags: costuming, diy

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