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Okay, there's gotta be another shoe.

Or maybe being a girl *is* the other shoe, and the rest of this is apologies. Hard to think that way, though.

This week is going very slowly, which for a change is a damn good thing. I have to make supplies for a bobbin lace class I'm giving this weekend that I procrastinated too much on, which wouldn't have actually been a problem except good friends are getting Pelicaned in two weeks and I need to finish a doublet for them that I *also* procrastinated on cuz I was afraid of the pretty fabric, and I want a rough of it done to try on the guy this weekend in case of catastrophy. And yet it's all getting done; supplies made on otherwise useless train time, doublet construction ideas gelling, fabric cut with appropriate goof-factor built in, supplies cheaper than hoped for 'good enough' over too-expensive 'perfect' (which is really just 'perfect for cheap' anyway)

And then I'm a girl, just in time for fencing this weekend at a school that has indifferent facilities, and *early*, which really fries me. So there's a *huge* mark in the 'life sucks' column. But still, coulda been worse. Coulda started this weekend.

So I go out today to get the last of supplies. Find pretty ribbon for cheapish and a couple other thigns that are just neat to boot. Glow in the dark beads -- I want to see if I can make glow-in-the-dark bobbins to make lace with *snicker*! But I'm still feeling physically like crap. I want comfort food. Sushi has become comfort food, so wierd, but I really don't want to spend that kind of money. Nothing else succeeds against the 'you have a perfectly good lunch at work' argument. So I decide to compromise - I duck into Whole Foods and snack through the free samples. Good enough, it's cheap (free!) and it'll make me feel a little better. Hopefully. Get around to the sushi section, curious to see what they stock these days. Some hella good selection, actually, and I swear their prices are better than the other pre-packaged sushi in the area. And then I see It. I must be hallucinating, but there It is. Alaskan Tuna/avocado maki, 12 count. 'Special Order' packaged today. 59 cents. I browse around, sure that I've misread, find another package of the same thing. 59 cents. Computer print out labels with barcodes. It can't be right, but... Grab one, go to checkout. 59 cents. 60 cents with tax. Here's a dollar, thanks for my change, and off I go grinning like a cat at a salmon farm.

Now, half a block away and I'm thinking I should have gone back for the other packs. But really, inside I'm feeling this isn't the kind of windfall that should be taken to extremes. No one else in the office is keen on the stuff, Rowan's out (and doesn't like avocado anyway, although there isn't much), and it won't keep without a fridge until I go home. I *may* cut out of work a wee bit early, see if there's any left and take it home then - I really can't think there will be, and that's fine. I'm already feeling better - the power of fish - and it's only Thursday so I have tonight for the lace pillows and tomorrow for putting the doublet together enough for final fit. Hmmm, although I do need to print forms and instructions. Good job the boss is out of the office today ;D

Still looking for that other shoe. But not so much that I get distracted from actually finishing stuff. Yeah...
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