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Vegas = Love!

There's no way to do this but a list.

Pros: (in no particular order) flechyr</lj>
  • Cirque du Soleil's 'Love' - more dance review/extreme sports than the usual circus acts, but stunning once you let go of preconceptions. And I'm not that big a Beatles fan.  At least, I wasn't..
  • The Fab Four - a more 'traditional' Beatles review at the V theater (old Aladin/new planet hollywood casino & hotel).  A spur of the moment on-site purchase that was too much fun.  And I got a blinky cup!
  • BLT - burger joint in the Mirage.  Rare meat = Yum!  And the SHAKES!!! *drool*
  • Dolphin sex! (No, really, that's not a euphamism.) They weren't kidding when they said there were  no scripted shows in the Secret Garden.  There's no way they could've scripted that!
  • Tiger cubs! OMG Cuuuuuuuuuuute!!!
  • Lions, tigers, alpacas, Oh My! - It was a very animal Vegas trip, and not just the 2 legged variety.
  • Kahunaville - surprisingly good food for Vegas-reasonable prices.
  • Margaritaville - cute waitress (who reminded us of Misty), good margaritas, and once the house music shut off (thank god!) a surprisingly good cover band that went from Sting to Prince to pop-metal without missing a note.  I doubt a one of the five was over 27 years old.  Damn kids ;)
  • Dueling Pianos at Harrah's - just wandered by.  Stayed. Laughed. A lot.
  • Star Trek slot machine - it SAVES YOUR PROGRESS! Dangerous...
  • Making the last uncancelled flight home to Chicago.  And finding the car *not* hopelessly buried in snow.
  • 5 days of leisurely mornings, endless sight-seeing, and late nights spent with my love.  Yes, flechyr</lj> , I *do* mean you! :P
  • It was stupid cold for Vegas when we got there.  And still 40 degrees warmer than Chicago when we left.  We did miss the actual snow, which is also a con - if it was gonna be that cold, I shoulda gotten to see Vegas snow :(
  • Having to come back to Chicago winter. 
  • There's something, I think in whatever they treat their water with, that sets my internals on edge.  I'm sorry Dan, but I skipped the rum-n-cokes in favor of drinks with nothing but ice cubes from the local water sources.  No idea if that's what made the difference from previous experience, but *shrug*.

If I missed anything, it was in the Pro column. Vegas is still fun, and still has too much to see even once it's not completely new.  Next time -- 'Ka' or 'O' and Penn & Teller.  At least, that's the *current* plan... ;D
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