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Today's lesson: when creating one's own check tracking spreadsheet, it is wise to a)maintain consistency in how calculations are being made - are subtractions/additions being made in line or in column, are subtractions by function or by number - and b)occasionally *do your own damn math* to make sure that the spreadsheet is behaving as expected, and that you haven't... oh, say, entered an $800 debit that the sheet thinks is actually a *deposit* because *someone* forgot how she was supposed to be entering numbers!!!!!!!!!

::Insert long, loud, multilingual rampage here. The fact that I am not, in fact, multilingual should not hamper your imagination::

Of course, sometime *after* the error was made, I made the data entry portion much more (to me) intelligent and simple. I simply failed to apply my intelligent solution to preceding entries. I didn't compound the error, per se, I simply continued on throwing good data at a bad initial point.

We will try to skip the part where it has taken me a *week* to find this error. Well, a week of trying to figure it out while at work, so really only about 5-6 hours, but that's still seven days after I wanted this thing done and out of my hands. I think this episode, more than anything, has finally convinced me it is okay to let someone else deal with the treasury. If nothing else, it will be nice to have someone else to commiserate with when the inevitable little f-up happens. And if not, then I will simply assume that the calm, untroubled face (that is no longer mine) is merely hiding a seething battlefield of plusses and minuses and uncashed checks, concealed not for duplicity, but because she just *knows* it's some dumb mistake that she just hasn't found - yet. And at the end of it all, it will be OK.
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