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Apropot of absolutely nothing... At Maidens, I finally got to meet the elusive Adam ( I believe that's his name) of "Philip and .." which was wonderful, because I have a much better chance of knowing who is being referenced when I have name and face together. He's well known by people who aren't me (seriously; it's been my loss) for obsessively teaching finger loop braiding - that's how I spotted him at Maidens, he had Seraphina attached to a chair by a braid she was working on. He had with him a copy of "Tak V Bowes Departed", one of the most recent and most useful books on fingerloop braiding that details historic documetned braids that have been found and then explains them in 21st c. English. I never bothered to get a copy simply because I've been cheerily working out of the Compleat Anachronist (the predecesor to "Tak V...". Then Adam told me the book was out of print...

Turns out, so far as I can tell, that it's merely out of print in the USA. Amazon UK still had copies listed, so I've ordered 2. They're more than I'd really like to pay, but I'm sure enough that I can use this book, and quite possibly offload a copy to someone. or not. Either way, I felt the need to spend money, and limited availability fiber arts books seem like a good spend.
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