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Mind the (brain) gap

Boy.  There is a lot that's gone on in just the past few days. I'm stuck in a place where I"m not sure what I want to say about any of it, though -- some of it was disappointing, some of it ws great, some of it just sucked rocks. Well, the sucking-rocks part was wholly work related, and entirely my own stupid fault, so the main reason I don't want to talk about it is cuz I don't need any more reminders of how irresponsible I can be over projects I hate.  Nothing to see here, move along, move along.  On the up side, I now know that I can make nearly 130 phone calls in a seven hour time span. Go me :/

Shibaricon, for the most part, was Teh Awsum!!  Old friends, new friends, I think I had more quality chat time this year than ever. Certainly more than I expected.  Classes were fun, the presenters were, as usual, great people with some really interesting stuff to share. Play time was fun, if only because I got to watch what others were doing and realize I *didn't* want to go there - an important thing, IMO :D  Sure, some things could have gone better, but where lst year I wasn't sure if I wanted to go back, this year I'm pretty sure I do want to attend next year just because of all the other cool stuff that can happen.  (Sorry, I know that's vague. My ears are still ringing from the constant dial tone, so my coherency is really down right now. I'll sort it out later. Maybe.) I do owe some 'personal' time to a couple people - It's not that promises were made,but I do still want to try being more open and playing with other people. Circumstances made it impossible for me to get beyond talking about it this year, but don't think I've forgotten you!  I'm just shy. And angsty. And did I mention shy?  A work in progress, that's me :) 

And this weekend is Reclaiming our History, which is probably Tourdion's only gig this summer. Ye gods and hairy fishes, I hope it goes well!  I need my performance fix!
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