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Pennsic prep

T-70 hours and counting (give or take)

battery for watch = check
ground coffee = sorta check. I'll need to make more.
Still need to check my class instructions.
Last bits of coif for me, collar thingie for flechyr - I may just pack the last of the white linen and my scissors and deal with it when we get there.
Also need to put together a music list, although since I dont' drive, I have very little right to the radio.  MP3 player goes on the charger tomorrow.
Boss knows what he has to cover while I'm out.  Whether or not he remembers... Not my chicken. 

Still not sure what I've forgotten, but I'm confident I have enough to fake it.  As long as we remember the tent and all the stuff to put it up, almost everythign else can be dealt with. Actually, my class supplies are probably the only thing I *can't* fake, but ::shrug::  I'm freaking out a bit about that. I can't decide if I want no one to show up, or lots.  I want lots of people to be interested in bobbin lace, but I can't really effectively teach more than 6 or so at a time, and I'm still not great at dealing with people, so...  Ah well, fate shall determine. 

This is definitely one of those things - I can't wait to be at Pennsic. Getting there, packing, dealing with the car - not so fond. But once we're there and set up, it'll be great.  Hopefully :D  This oughtta be a heckuva week, with all the sword-geekery going on this weekend and the shopping and learning stuff the rest of the week.  And stuff.
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