Jesslin She'Nedra (jesslin) wrote,
Jesslin She'Nedra

My cube smells like an Italian restaurant - there was a group walk to one of the farmer's markets downtown. I was buying some pretty green peppers and a couple tomatoes when I got blind-sided by a bunch of basil that forced me to buy it.  So fresh, the stem ends are in water.  I was very tempted to by some of the herbs still in pots, but I can't afford to plant them outdoors - the grounds crew would think they were weeds, with my luck, as they seem to have a penchant for randomly ripping plants out of my front (oh, the wonders of condo living when it conflicts with the casual wildflower gardner.  I wouldn't mind so much if they only planted things as well as ripping them out :/  ). Plus, all their tags said 'full sun', and the only patch I have is maybe half a day of sun.  Overthinking things? Yep, I know I am.  I may try some basil anyway - It's very pretty just as a plant.  I'm thinking of throwing some willow withies woven together as a bit of a fence.  Maybe that will fend of the rampaging groundsmen.  Fun to contemplate :)
Tags: diy, plants, projects

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