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Welp, I am now an officially registered student of CLC. If they ever remember to bill me, I'll even be a *paid up* student :D . I've put off or forgotten to register for training courses for so long now... and I still need to find access to a couple. The joys of hunting online-only courses :/  But at least this is a start  -- 'Introduction to SQL'. I suspect it's stuff I've managed to teach myself by now, but I'd rather have an official nod to how it all functions. Still need to find Visual Basic for Applications, and maybe some SAS training (although I have a book for SAS; might even read it some day)

Now to get through the next hour without going spare from bitchy docs who can't get their way and want to throw hissy fits about it. Not even a psychiatrist (they're usually the worst)! This woman... Yah! ::deep breath:: And in-house IT people who have no grasp of how the business side works, so they just throw data around because it's easier for *them*... Never mind how that mysterious data affects anyone else, like our outside vendors and end users, and not like they *told* any of us they were doing it - even if we hadn't anticipated the problems it caused, we would at least have been prepared to deal with the fallout.  *GRRRRR!!* Id10ts!  Meh; could'a been worse.  I think I only really care because, if my unit had tried to blanket add a metric ton of data to the database, IT and the rest of the groups would be hunting our heads, as has happened in the past.  Double standard, much?  ::vent vent vent::

Whew!  done now :)  Tonight will be Imax StarTrek, tomorrow will be me talking out of my @$$ in a classic case of 'those who know, do; those who don't, teach', (which isn't fair to me. I do know, I just can't quite do. Yet.) and folk house-concert in the city, and Sunday will be me trying to make up for not being available to help out the event tonight and tomorrow :(  But time is crunchy this month, and I do what I can when I can and complain the rest of the time. It is, after all, what I'm very good at :)
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