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waxing poetic on yogurt (?!)

Because it's that kind of week, and I somehow got sucked into reading the archives for Girls With Slingshots:
The rest of the comic is really not usually safe for work, nor for the delicate of sensibilities*, but it is strangely amusing. The specific comic referenced here, however, *is* safe, and is totally a propot considering our new family member. Who is definitely getting more comfortable around us. (Seriously, cat. The trash can? At 4 in the morning?! Witch!!) (Actually, I think the trash can may have woken me up, but i didn't really hear it. What I heard was little kittty paws trying to get into the under-sink cabinet.  It didn't worry me, but I sure wasn't going to get back to sleep while she did it.) Ahem. I digress.

Breakfast this week has been Greek yogurt and either berries and granola or honey. Through a chance comment on a lace discussion e-list I'm on, I became (more) aware of Greek yogurt. I knew it was different from commonly found American varieties, I knew it was fantastic in that cucumber sauce that is the only really reason I ever eat gyros. But I never thought of it as breakfast food - I really don't eat yogurt much. It's wierd stuff, all tart and acidic and bacteria-ey (it is *so* a word!!) Sometimes I'm in the mood. Usually, not so much.  Unless it's frozen, but that's just different, and still not breakfast. Breakfast at WMAW included yogurt one day, and it was quite yummiliscious (*also* a word!) with the home-made granola, so I was enticed to be curious and experimental. Turns out the Jewel across from work has a couple varieties of Greek style yogurt, some including little side cups of inclusions. Remembering the commentary on the e-list, I grabbed one with honey. Not somethign I ever would have considered (you'd think honey butter might have clued me in, but you would be wrong).  It was quite tasty. Greek yoogurt is tarter, grainier almost where American style seems almost gelatinous, and reminds me very much of the kitchen cheese from an SCA event years ago. I'm sure it's got a real name, and it's cheese like cream cheese is cheese (which is to say, not really) but kitchen cheese is basically milk and lemon juice and a whole lot of boiling and stirring, as I recall.  You get a tart, creamy curdle that stays soft, but spreads very nicely on warm, fresh bread.  Use yogurt cultures instead of lemon juice and you've got Greek yogurt.  Which I think I like best with the honey, oddly enough. American yogurt gets fresh berries, Greek gets honey. Ooh... I may have to try it with the cranberry honey from Pennsic, although that might be too tart-on-tart.  Ponder ponder. I certainly don't see it as an every day thing, but now that they have fridges at work it becomes a much more attractive change.

 I'm so wierd (like no one else figured that out). I'm waxing poetic about freakin' breakfast food.  Ah well. At least I'm getting my dairy product :)

*edit: but the comic does have a Scotch-Irish cactus with a French mustache. Who is also not safe for work, mostly due to his passion for spider plants.
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