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Kitty updates

I went from a cat that ate too much (that would be Marta aka The Sofa Cushion That Ate Sheboygan) to a cat that ate too little (Thalia, the anorexic teenager cat 8/ ).  After near two weeks (is that all?! Great Scot it seems like a year) in the vet's tender care, Tally has apparently decided that Food is Good.  We may even have a cat again by the weekend (crosses all 8 fingers so hard they lose circulation).  I still fear pill applications, and a future with a fragile cat because I have a hard time believing you ever fully recover from this sort of thing, but those are questions for the vet to answer tomorrow when blood work comes back and we find out just where it all stands.  I *will not* borrow trouble, not right now anyway. I will merely take this moment to bask in a Good Thing happening, and hope that it continues to improve. 

Not totally out of the woods, but ... *Whew!* I can maybe start breathing again :)

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