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Kitteh zombeh LIVES!!!

Hopefully this will be a nearly final update on Kitty. At least, health related update. She's been home 2 weeks (yay!). The vet was very appropriately cautious at the time - just because she was coming home didn't mean everything was cool. All it meant was, she was feeding herself finally, and it was time for some individual lovin'. So it was a pill poppin', kibble counting fun fest. We went from 'OMG!! FOOD!!' to "oh yeah. that food thing...' 10 days later, I skip a day of work and take Kitty in to the vet for a progress report blood test.  Wednesday I remembered (*sigh*) to call back... And she's fine. A little high in the billirubin(sp?) count, but otherwise we're clear.  I'll be feeding her a single pill for a little while longer, but that's *so* very livable-with.  She's a little thin, but she's also a young, energetic cat, so there's going to be an element of boniness as a natural consequence of that. But her keelbone and spine don't scare me with their definition any  more. 

As flechyr points out, there may still be some kitty health posts. Mostly (hopefully(or not)) they will consist of us figuring out where to bury her fuzzy little corpse after the next idiotic thing she does/eats/jumps on/destroys/etc. But that's just the joys of living with a cat, so no biggee. And honestly... This evening, flechyr was over at a friend's place. I get cranky coming home to an empty house - I've just gotten used to having flechyr around, and I like just having him here when I get home.  But tonight, having Thalia yelling at the door until I got my tushy through it... yeah, it's nice to be wanted at home :D .  Now I just have to find a good brush for a short hair cat - Thalia's finally discovered the joys of shedding! Oh yay :/ 

Until 3 AM, when Thalia will cry mournfully because she's not allowed in the bedroom (damn allergies) and dig at the door and spill the bathroom trashcan, waking us up, I will love my kitty. I'll even love her after she wakes us up. It's just right at that moment that I might question our sanity...
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