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Oh, and the other randomness of life? had a conversation with myself about democratic dictatorships, benevolant dictatorships, dictatorial communism, and whether or not these can even exist as functional governments - China, I'm looking at *you* - or if the actual type of government rolls over into a different description, regardless of what you call it. Really, what do you want for brain freeze-30 in the morning?

Also? Finally started the early 17th century outfit. Trying to diary the process for a change. So far it's involved sacrificing a pretzel box to the corsetry gods. *sigh* There will eventually be pictures. I also caved and ordered the pattern for the dress style - I realized I have no interest in reinventing this wheel, and I can always sell off the pattern later if I truly only want to use it once. Now I just need the fabric for the dress proper ::shakes fist at the shipping demons::.
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