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More a happy placeholder than anything deep

On a misery note, flechyr is sick. It's a cold, but a nasty one; he's actually missing work on it's behalf*. I'm sure it's compounded by the stress he's been under, but it doesn't make it less horrid for him.

That being out of the way, I had a fan*tas*tic dinner with lylyan last night. After a bit of scrambling for food options - we live in Asian food central, and it's not necessarily her thang - we settled in at Roti, which I can now recommend as a good Mediteranian cafe.  Mind you, I can still tate the roasted eggplant occasionally, but that's not actually a complaint. Tasty!  But far and above the good food was just getting to yack with Lylyan. She's far enough outside my normal orbit of interactions that the stories are different, I can bitch about different people without guilt, and just -- not worry about being politic. I'm hoping I didn't bogart the conversation; it was certainly wonderful to have validation of my feelings.  I still want to find that magic button that will make all the good people in my life have the happiness that they deserve. Not found yet, but I keep looking, because there's far too many unthinking idiots in the rest of the world making good, so why not us? In general, Lylyan is just good company and I'm glad we finally had a chance to reconnect. Must happen again :)

*Which made getting dressed this morning interesting, as I'm weirdly thoughtful enough to get dressed in the dark, so he can stay as close to sleep as possible. Whether or not this is uesful to him is irrelevant.  I was absurdly pleased to find I'd put my underwear on right-side-up and -out once I'd had a chance to check  :D

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