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Still sick - I blame flechyr (of course, since he started it). But I have half the front of my effigy bodies finished-finished, the other front just in need of binding. The back still needs to be fully redone because I butchered the boning channels, but at least that's the small piece, although slightly tricky as I'll need to figure out how I'm attaching the shoulder straps. For all the effort I'm putting in the hand finishing of these things, they're still technically an experiment/blow off, as the reeds I'm using for boning probably won't stand up to much. I should probably have doubled them ::shrug::. They're also potentially a dress diary in progress, so... Whatev. Still need to press His cavalier doublet and make sure the lining hasn't sagged any further, then take measurements off the sleeves so I can make wrist cuffs to match the collar. Reenactorfest in 2 weeks, and need to get song lists together so we can make good on our pinky-swear project for February - of which I will say no more, for fear of raising hopes and jinxing ourselves.

And right now I'm watching the Vikings/Saints game and strangely caring that the Vikings may have blown it in regulation, and the refs are trying to give the game away in OT. I'm not waiting til the end of OT to post this, though, so while this post will wallow in uncertainty, I can be as disappointed as I want in a few minutes, most likely.  I think I just like the idea of a 40-something year old actually still able to make a good game of it in a "young man's game".
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