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Walking on the moor like a shadow in the dark You rise before me we meet 10 years gone by like water Where are ye from where d'ye go. Can I follow? Down the hill past the tower take a left at the gate to the Mountain King pass Read the signs walk the path see the past of all tomorrows come today. There is no future for the making for the taking take my moments take my right to all tomorrows leave (?)  me just a time today. Walk my road, where my shoes take my path Come with me down the path past the hill left at the gate to the Mountain Kings pass Pass the fruit and plant a seed, is it sweeter for the tasting or the knowing or the doing Or just for the believing that this is how it has to be. Walking by on the moor, like a shadow in the night you are standing there before me and we meet. 10 years like water. Drink of life.

I don't know if this was a dream I had, a song I heard, or a song I was writing. I have to think it's a song, as there was a morse code bit on the bottom that is how I usually notate tunes and rhythms. It was scribbled on a Pokemon gameboy flier/instruction thingie. Lack of punctuation and capitalization has been preserved. I have no idea what I was thinking at the time. Found while cleaning up the pile of papers that had accumulated in the corner of the craft room.

(edit for a couple typos. It's wierd enough without introducing more oddness :D )
Tags: imagination, random thoughts, stories

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