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M. Rodney McKay may be rolling in his grave

Okay, granted, McKay is fictional, and even fictionally he's not dead, and even if he were fictionally dead he actually would probably think this is actually a great idea. And frankly, I'm using LJ as a bookmark keeper, because I snagged this from whatifoundthere  and can't be sure where or when I'm a-gonna get a chance to peruse more deeply.  MIT has all  - or at least a healthy chunk, I wouldn't know the diff - of there stuff on line FOR FREE. As whatIfoundthere said, if you have the self discipline to teach yourself physics, go for it. 

No, McKay's problem would be with all the half-wits who think that just reading through the MIT course material makes them physics geniuses, without stopping to think of application or understanding or, you know, feedback from other physicists because YOU'RE WRONG, YOU MORON, AND YOU'RE GOING TO BLOW UP THE WHOLE CITY! STOP TOUCHING THAT!!


*cough* Sorry. Too much fanfic. I'm okay now...  I think........
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