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random update - sketch artist I ain't

I have this insane urge to sketch up my current D&D character. I don't know why I have this urge, but it means my rotten sketching skills are being brought out. The dry-erase board in my cubicle has all sorts of scribbles going on and off it - stick figures never had it so good! Plus side - not wasting paper, and I don't have to try tracking down an eraser - or a functional pencil for that matter. Down side - not what you'd call permanent. I used to do head sketches with wet-erase on plastic, and you could get that to transfer to paper at least enough to use as guide lines. Dry-erase doesn't work the same.  *sigh* Camera phone to the rescue, but still -- I really wish I had a better ability to get these perfect pictures out of my head, through my hand and onto paper. I mean, it's *right there*!!!  Yargh! o~O  Plus I have some photo Googling to do, as I don't have the desert dweller face quite right in my brain. It's the one thing I know kinda what I want but not exactly what it looks like in detail. Google-fu to the rescue :D At least *something* will go as I plan.

Proportions? I don't need no stinkin' proportions!
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