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On the way to the station this morning I caught some colorful black and red bits amongst the foliage. When I investigated, I found that one of the wild blackberry (yes, yes, it's actually a black raspberry or something. Whatev') plants was already starting to ripen. Most of its mates are just at the green berry stage, so a week or two and they'll be fair game. Technically these are invasives, so I don't have to feel guilty for denying them seeds, just that I might be stealing food from - Hmm, let me see. Squirrels? The overabundant deer? Actually, I'm probably taking them from another human berry hunter; there were already a couple paths trampled in the grass around the plants.  ::shrug:: Time to start packing the tupperware :D

When I got to work, there was breakfast. Yay! It's Bike To Work Week, and to celebrate The Company decided to feed participants with fruity yogurt and bagels and stuff. I just think it's cool getting credit for something I do just about every day, weather and schedule permitting. And, ya know, free food!

Here's hoping the rest of today goes as it has begun. That, and actually getting some solid sleep tonight would be awfully nice :D
Tags: plants, random thoughts, simple joys, work

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