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Is There a Doctor in the House?

"And today the part of Jesus Christ will be played by... Amy Pond!!" Yes, rowandoll , you called it. Sort of. Close enough - I'll totally give it to you :)  Especially, you get credit for calling the reason behind that scene in 'Flesh and Stone'. "Remember what I told you when you were 7?"  "What did you tell me?" "No. That's not the point. You have to remember."

So it turns out a lot of my (and friends') assumptions about the season ender of Doctor Who came true, although several did not happen to the person I originally expected. Which is also very Doctor Who. But all I will say for now is, Moffatt did pull a RTD, but where Davies had pure Tinkerbell moments (if you just believe hard enough, that and a pinch of fairy dust will perform miracles) with no substance, Moffatt at least made me understand why the fairy dust was working.  I didn't feel like I was cheating when I cheered the ending. And I did cheer, as did the two people I was watching with. It was fun.

Short answer - I'm totally looking forward to next season. I might not have loved all this year's episodes, but I honestly think it'll be worth the wait for next. Christmas Special should be a ball too :) 
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