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Yeah, obligatory soothing hand gestures and such go here. What I post on LJ, I mostly leave open to the public simply because I'm sure that no one but my friends really care to read this, and even if there's some wierdo out there cruising my journal (hah!!), so long as they don't spam my comments I totally don't care. It's just the little bit of exhibitionist in me. 

Crossposting to social network sites outside of LJ? SOOOOOO not gonna happen. Well, not from me, anyhow. I keep my LJ very separate from my Facebook - they're for very different purposes in my life, and there just isn't anything I can think that I need to crosspost except the occasional news-type article I find. And that would be *me* crossposting *my* journal entry. I won't crosspost anyone else's entries without permission, nor my comments on anyone else's - this is Vegas, baby, and what we write here stays here.

I try to protect my friends. Y'all are awesome, don't ever forget that. :D

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