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Robin Hood - part 1

This isn't what I intended to write first but... I went and pulled my first Robin Hood book off the shelf. If I had to do one of those 'if you could only take one thing from a burning house' types of quizzes, this book would be remarkably high on the list (assuming the cat and flechyr could handle themselves). Mine is a 1963 Golden Illustrated Classic, "The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood", written by Howard Pyle in 1886 or so. I just startled poor flechyr , but I had to laugh - Pyle, in the forward, flat out admits that he's writing the Disney-esque version of Robin's legend; I'd never understood just what he meant as a child, but over time recognizing the bastardization of legends I actually appreciate his admission. You could buy a replacement copy for something like 8 bucks used on Amazon, but truthfully I don't know that I ever would. This is the specific actual book that started my love of all things Robin.

The New York Ren Faire at Tuxedo Forest solidified that love. It wasn't even really Robin, at the time; I wanted to be Jenny Wren (I'll point out I was all of 12-13 and very over-imaginative. Also, Jenny was the obligatory 'we need to let girls play too' character, but that worked just fine for me, I was never a purist m- they were opposed by Queen Isabella of Spain, fer cryin' out loud!). Small, spunky, totally kicking ass and taking names - she was the reason I got into stage combat.  Granted, I missed the whole point where *acting* was involved, but did I mention I was 12? And highly impressionable?  Right.  So, Jenny was awesome, it was scenario so there was a lot of bad guys beating up on good guys, knives, swords, threats, hostages, sacrificing life and limb for a friend -- all the usual suspects for episodic drama at the ren faire.  I absolutely ate it up -- I was old enough, and trusted enough, that my mom would let me loose to follow scenario around all day. Fraggin' heaven, that was. And so my love of high drama fantasy was given just enough reality to make it so I could never go 'home' again.

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