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If I Twittered, these'd be Tweets...

...but I don't, so this is a bunch of random notes that I can look back at and say, "Oh yeah, *that's* when that happened."  I wouldn't bother reading this if I were you :D

Last week was one of those weeks I have where nothing horrific happens but, in total, becomes a week I'd rather have forgotten. The epic discovery that laptops, cats, and martinis should not attempt to exist in the same space at the same time. Any two can work, but all three causes an irreparable rip in the space-time continuum that results in a dead computer. It had to be the computer: I was observing the cat, and the cat was observing me bitching about the spilled martini, so her death was impossible by the laws of physics. And alcohol abuse is wrong even for the laws of physics (also, I believe alcohol exists in its own quantum state), and so the only victim left was the laptop. After a week of dinking with the keyboard, the keys, cleaning, and the Resident Techie ripping it apart, it was determined that it was likely a motherboard issue. It was an off-the-shelf from 'Buy-More' , not really worth saving, so...  The laptop is dead, long live the laptop.  Bigger, shinier, and definitely further up the tech curve than usual for me -- it's not top-of-the-line, but it's good; still a Toshiba - not proof against liquids, but I had no other complaints with the previous incarnation. And I actually payed for insurance (sucker's bet), which guarantees nothing will happen to it for at least 2 years. I'm putting a note in my calendar for the day after the insurance runs out - beware of martinis and mac trucks.  The week ended with office reorg stuff, directly affecting me, my manager, and removing me from a director I'd been under my entire company career and knew how to work with (and well, if I do say so). My new director isn't bad, I just ... don't deal well with change. Never have. There were other division changes, none bad per se, but it added up to uncomfortable/weird. I remember getting a weird feeling last year at the Halloween turn, so I'm wondering if there's just something about this time of year.  ::shrug:: Whatev's.

There's a bunch of thoughts on politicians and voting in my head, since it's Voting Day, but none of it coherent. It mostly boils down to, how can a person who spends their life and career to be a politician actually know a darn thing about the day-to-day of the people they are supposed to represent? Not just know like a factoid, but know like it matters to someone ( I know it's because actually standing for something any more means people won't vote for you because we're *picky* little ingrates, but still...).  Like I said, not coherent - some positions are ideally suited for political specialists, others aren't, but there doesn't seem to be that differentiation by the candidates. All of which leaves me feeling a little disinterested in the process - we don't seem to be voting for anything more than who has the best PR sometimes. I hand flail.
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