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Sing-off! Whoot!!

I'm finally getting a chance to listen to the new season of Sing-Off (I didn't hear last year's because I flat forgot).

Oh. My. God!!!

Okay, granted I'm an a cappella-holic.  And I don't have a lot to say right now - I'm just watching ep. 1, we're only through the first 6-7 groups of ten - I just got taken because we've gone through both Motown classic and boys' school English (the Wiffenpoofs, fer cryin' ! In *White Tie and TAILS*!!), with a side of jazz style and of course the modern beat-box. Small groups, large groups. One set of 'classic' age and the rest either college or 20-40ish. Several all male, no all female - I'm not surprised, and I can wax poetic on that for a while, but I won't; suffice to say, totally expected, I don't feel insulted or feminist rage or anything like that. It's the way it is.

Also, the judges seem to know their sh*t (at least two of them; I don't really have any idea who the woman is, and she's filling the decorative, feeling judge role very well at the moment ::shrug::). I wish this were more than 5 weeks long.

Also, I wish I could watch this at home. I may have to make a point over Christmas week when the boy ain't around.

Edit: Holy SHIPS!  I just saw what I swore didn't exist -- female percussion!?!?!?!?!  Not a feminine chickie-girl, but still... ::is speechless::
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