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Because it's funny - and what if it's *TRUE*?

I get a Knitter's Page-a-Day calendar thingie sent to my email every day. Usually it's just little snide asides, all the stuff knitters think but don't generally say out loud - you can never have enough yarn, how can your partner complain about how many needles you have, then go get just *one* more screwdriver, that sort of thing. Some helpful tidbits, some historical things. And then there was today's:

The Way Knit Was
In 19th-century Iceland, as a motivator to get people to work hard and use up all of the autumn wool, folklore held that each person needed to receive at least one new knitted garment each Christmas - or suffer the wrath of the Yule Cat, a large, vicious, and cruel feline who would come and eat them.

I don't care if it's a true legend - I'm not even going to check - because I *want* it to be true. Too Funny!

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