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I'll have to edit for photos later, since I'm on the phone right now, but...

Gold 'wire' order came in. Let the project of embroidery doom continue :D (this actually shows both the new thread and the brighter, brassier multistrand I experimented with at first. Big difference.)

I'm actually in the process of trying to sew, but the cat seems to have different ideas as to what I should be doing with my hands... It's cute, but not what you call helpful. But I'm still committed to get this doublet rebuilt before Rreenactor Ffest. I.m still trying to figure out where some of the artifacts are coming from - peaks at the shoulder seams and collar that stick out oddly, that sort of thing. Maybe if I actually stopped and did some work on the pattern itself, instead of rushing to sew... yeah, that might happen. Some day *smirk*.
Tags: crafts, kitty!, projects

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