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I was getting all ready to blow through some more page-a-day calendar paper by making a nice modular origami model because I saw this:

and thought it was several shades of cool. Found the original model maker, got some tips on how things are supposed to work (I'm familiar with the base unit this is made of - the Sonobe module - but more info is always good). And I started folding. And joining. And wondering why this seemed more fiddly than it should, and why the units weren't holding together well, even worse than I would expect for this type of paper. Each unit was getting some unique folds, and that didn't seem to be what I'd seen on the original model, and it doesn't look like there will be the correct sort of compression-tension that usually holds these things together.  So I went back to the original directions and I stared and stared and stared. And then I saw it -- I was making one fold 90' off of the usual way of folding these modules. When I learned the Sonobe, it was for a particular model, and I think he made use of the fact that you can actually fold the module 2 different ways and still get all the pockets and tabs you need to hold things together. His way gives more dimension to the finished piece, but smaller tabs and pockets that lock together *in his model*.  ::sigh:: For the one I want to make now, the tabs are actually pushing things apart because there isn't a locking function to anything. So I get to spend some time pulling things apart, flattening, and hoping that pre-existing creases aren't going to make my life too miserable. Glad I figured it out before I got too far, but... Feh!

How not to fold a unit for the above model :P 

edit: Feh, never mind. I'm having no better luck getting the modules to stick together in the 'proper' way either. I'll blame the paper for now, and move on to another model. It's not like there aren't plenty of cool things to make out there :D
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